Common Questions and Answers

Is SEO Safe?

When done correctly? Yes! At Deeper SEO, we take search engine optimization very seriously. We are focused on helping clients grow their businesses safely. SEO should complement your overall marketing strategy not replace it, and it should be focused on creating and promoting quality content. Great content never dies!

Smart SEO isn’t trendy. It’s focused on what works. Content.

Do you outsource overseas?


We love living in a global society. And we appreciate the diverse talents that the internet has made accessible to us all from all four corners of the world. However, great SEO is about great copywriting, content and marketing. And, in our book, all good marketing is local. So when in Rome and all that jazz…

We rely on input from those most closely connected to the industries and localities in which we are serving our clients. 

How quickly can I expect to see results?

There are no silver bullets or quick band-aid fixes to solid brand and business growth.  All good things take time. SEO is no exception. Quality Search Engine Optimization is a long game and requires dedication to the process. For this reason, on our monthly services, we only provide options for businesses that are serious about seeing results – and why we expect a minimum quarterly commitment at each phase of our work. 

Can you guarantee us the #1 spot on Google?

Umm. No. No one can (or no one should). Only Google (the company) could guarantee a number one slot, and, of course, they wouldn’t.

SEO is a process for gaining growth and traction in your search results, but done correctly (and safely) good SEO takes time to see results and will push you toward the top of search results for targeted locales and keywords. But can not guarantee you a number one spot on any given page (SERP). By wary of any service provider offering such guarantees, they’ll likely damage your brand on Google (and that’s very hard to recover from!).



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